Siem Offshore - Gaining the competitive edge in tenders


Siem Offshore started using Maress as a energy efficiency fleet management tool in 2018. Siem wanted live fuel data available for all its Maress users -onshore and offshore- at all times. Maress is seamlessly integrated with the Høglund SPM solution on each vessel, providing a powerful plug-and-play solution for live data.

Siem Offshore Operations Manager, Jon August Houge, is clear in his message: “YXNEY via its superb tool MARESS has enabled Siem Offshore to benchmark fuel consumption on sister vessels and their opposite crew, in addition to giving us an competitive edge in tenders and contracts with high focus on emissions and fuel management”.

Houge continues: “We are very satisfied with the support and follow up from YXNEY, both operationally towards vessels and via project management towards governmental funding initiatives”.

“The collaboration between Siem and Yxney has been close since day one”, says Yxney CEO Simen Sanna. “Yxney has had the opportunity to assist Siem with several energy efficiency projects to identify concrete initiatives for further reductions in fuel usage. The vessel data combined with the analytical power of the Maress software has been the backbone of these partly Enova funded projects”.

Photo: Siem Offshore

Photo: Siem Offshore

Siem can highly recommend YXNEY to other vessel operators who are in the marked for an easy-to-use state-of-the-art fuel optimalization monitoring tool.
— Jon August Houge | Operations Manager, Siem Offshore