We are proud and exited to announce that Lars Laugen is joining the team at Yxney Maritime as Energy Efficiency Analyst.

 Lars holds a Master of Science in Naval Architecture from NTNU. He has worked within energy efficiency in the maritime sector at DNV GL for the last 5 years.

 Lars started his career as an officer in the Norwegian Army before he started his education at NTNU and moved on to DNV GL after graduation. During his time in DNV GL Lars has executed several projects for the offshore and shipping industry to reduce emissions and save cost by data driven analytics. Also on his spare time Lars has a passion for optimal energy consumption as he is an avid marathon runner.

 The 1st of April Lars will start as Energy Efficiency Analyst in Yxney Maritime! Lars with his skills, experience, endurance and analytical mindset will fit right in to the heart of Yxney Maritime – working to increase efficiency towards a sustainable maritime enterprise.


Yxney and UniSea team up to offer shipowners greater energy efficiency

UniSea, a leading provider of software tools for operational support and HSEQ to the offshore industry, has agreed to take part ownership of Yxney, an energy efficiency specialist with an impressive record of wins in it two-year history. 

Yxney CEO Gjord Simen Sanna (left) and UniSea CEO Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen

Yxney CEO Gjord Simen Sanna (left) and UniSea CEO Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen

“Yxney is experiencing rapid growth meeting the increasing demand for data-driven energy efficiency solutions in the offshore sector,” said Yxney CEO Gjord Simen Sanna. “UniSea is a highly respected player in the industry with a large client base. Yxney already uses UniSea data as the source for our calculations on many vessels. Closer collaboration between the two companies will allow us to provide even more efficient data flows, ensuring added value of the data for our customers.”

UniSea CEO Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen had this statement: “UniSea focuses on helping shipping companies simplify their work processes through digitalization. Yxney has in only a short time succeeded in reaching the market with a solution using data available through UniSea software to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and environmental impact. We see exciting opportunities and added benefits for our customers through closer cooperation and integration of our solutions.”

The focus on fuel efficiency and related emissions is steadily growing in the maritime sector. A climate robust business model is quickly becoming a significant differentiator for shipowners and operators competing for contracts in the offshore charter markets. 

With plug and play functionality, ship owners currently running UniSea can roll out the Yxney Maress energy efficiency management tool across their entire fleet virtually overnight.

“We believe the strategic partnership between Yxney and UniSea will benefit all stakeholders,” Sanna concludes. “UniSea has built a position as the preferred supplier of ship management systems to the offshore and maritime segments. With the new partnership, Yxney and UniSea will combine our expertise to meet growing demand for data-driven energy efficiency solutions for the offshore industry, and to assist ship owners in creating real business value from their own data.


About UniSea AS
UniSea AS is a software developer and consultancy specializing in user friendly, industry-specific solutions for optimizing work processes in the shipping industry. https://unisea.no/

For more information, contact:
Yxney Chief Commercial Officer Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein: sindre@yxney.com

UniSea CEO Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen: krv@unisea.no



Yxney Maritime has signed an agreement with Høglund, the leading global marine automation and system integration expert, to launch an integrated vessel performance monitoring solution.

The plug-and-play system will give ship owners and managers access to real-time fuel consumption data and analytics, allowing for better decision making and improved ship and fleet fuel efficiencies.

Aleksander Beckmann, aftermarket sales and services manager at  Høglund , and Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein, CCO at  Yxney  Maritime.

Aleksander Beckmann, aftermarket sales and services manager at Høglund, and Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein, CCO at Yxney Maritime.

Under the agreement, Høglund Marine Automation’s Ship Performance Monitor (SPM), which collects and stores accurate fuel consumption data for an individual vessel or entire fleet, will be seamlessly integrated with Yxney’s cloud-based database MarESS, allowing the data sets to be processed and presented to the customer on a user-friendly interface. Ship owners, managers and crew can then use these data insights to find more efficient ways of operating and reducing fuel consumption.

The SPM-MarESS solution has proven extremely popular with shipping companies, with a number of orders already in place. Siem Offshore has already requested the system to be installed on a number of the vessels in its fleet, while Havila Shipping has shown its long-term commitment to the initiative by signing a five-year contract.

Børge Nogva, CEO, Høglund Marine Solutions, said: “We are delighted to announce the forging of a new partnership between Høglund Marine Automation and Yxney Maritime. At a time when vessel data is becoming increasingly valuable, it’s vital that the industry consolidates its skills and expertise to create solutions that are built to last and fully support the industry’s trajectory towards a cleaner, lower-carbon future”.

“At Høglund we always put the user at the centre of our design process, and prioritise a user-friendly experience. Our Ship Performance Monitor is designed to monitor and collect accurate fuel consumption data for a vessel or fleet from a range of consumers on board, helping our customers to identify inefficiencies and reduce overall fuel consumption. Automation systems are not only essential to the reliability of a vessel – they are also a valuable source of data. Unfortunately, much of the solutions available on the market make it difficult for users to access this – which is why we developed the SPM.

“Yxney’s capacity to process data and visualise it in a way that is accessible to both owners and crew, will augment our existing offering and provide our customers with the solutions they need to ensure efficiency and reliability of their fleet in the long term.”

Gjord Simen Sanna, Yxney Maritime CEO, commented: “We’re excited to team up with Høglund and to now have the opportunity to offer a cost-efficient and powerful solution to customers looking for a plug-and-play system that can both measure and visualise actionable information about the fuel efficiency of their fleet. We see this partnership as an answer to the demand among vessel owners to take control of their own data, and to get ahead in the race towards better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Combining our solutions gives our customer access to new decision-making feedback, driven by data analytics, to make more direct fuel-saving initiatives. MarESS and Høglund SPM are like Maverick and Goose flying together again.”


Høglund Marine Solutions provides marine automation and power systems integration services to the global shipping and offshore industry. Based on an unparalleled level of expertise and experience in the field of maritime electrical engineering, Høglund creates automation, gas handling and power solutions that ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations for any vessel type. Høglund handles both retrofit and newbuild projects, acting as true consultants at every stage of design, installation and operations. https://hoglund.no/


Yxney adds three as Market signals shift to data-driven efficiency

Skjermbilde 2018-10-22 13.25.06.png

Siem Offshore, Olympic Subsea and North Sea Shipping are the latest to sign on for energy efficiency services and software from Yxney, joining offshore giant Solstad in the growing Yxney portfolio. 

“We´re excited to start working with these three world class companies in the offshore sector, and to be a partner in their move to data-driven fuel efficiency,” says Yxney Maritime CEO, Gjord Simen Sanna.

The three newest Yxney clients have in common their dedication to operate their ships as efficiently as possible. To help them reach this goal, Yxney Maritime will provide their proprietary energy efficiency visualization software Maress.

Maress is a cloud-based software that combines existing data streams from vessels with AIS and other available data sources, and presents the user with actionable information and an overview of the performance of the entire fleet, as well as for individual vessels. The software creates a historic baseline for each vessel in all operational modes, allowing the daily performance of each vessel to be compared against the baseline and adjusted for the actual operational pattern, in order to identify deviances and sub-optimal operations.

“Maress allows ship owners to work closely with clients to reduce fuel and emissions,” Yxney chief commercial officer Sindre Bornstein notes. “The full energy efficiency potential becomes visible when Maress is used to monitor fleet performance. The ability to visualize efforts with hard data is a motivational factor for everyone involved – crews, on-shore personnel, and not least clients.” 

The addition of the latest three shipowners brings the total of ships using the Yxney software package Maress to more than 150, including a mix of PSV, AHTS and CSV vessels. Notable among the newcomer ships are the North Sea Giant, Olympic Challenger, and Siem Pride. 

“We have followed the market and vessels in the North Sea for years, and we are pleased to be a part of the ongoing digital shift to enhanced energy efficiency,” Sanna concludes. “Our clients already operate some of the most efficient vessels on the water, and we look forward to helping them achieve even greater fuel efficiency.”

Siem Offshore is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway, and has a global network of offices. They operate a technically advanced fleet of 40 vessels, including Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, PSVs, Well-Intervention Vessels, and Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels designed to meet the most challenging environments. siemoffshore.com

Olympic Subsea has its headquarters in Fosnavåg, Norway, and operates a fleet of 11 technically advanced and flexible vessels operating within the subsea and renewable segments. Olympic Subsea is an active contributor in the world-class maritime cluster on the north west coast of Norway, stimulating the latest innovation in blue energy. olympic.no

North Sea Shipping is located in Austevoll, Norway, and provides advanced vessels and management services to the O&G and Energy industry. The North Sea Shipping fleet consists of highly advanced vessels for offshore construction, IMR, seismic, and cable laying. With the transformation of the vessel behemoth North Sea Giant to battery power, they have grabbed headlines as a leader in environmental innovation in the offshore sector. northsea.no


Director Operations, Yxney Maritime


We´re proud and excited to welcome Wigulf Schjøll to the growing Yxney team as Director Operations. Wigulf brings a rich and highly relevant experience that will strengthen the efforts we´re doing on clients contact and business development.

He started his career in the armed forces, training for the elite force before quickly being asked to take part as a diver in the emerging Oil&Gas exploration adventure on the Continental Shelf in the 70´s. Having completed very deep and exploratory dives laying pipelines (incl. tie-ins), and installing equipment on the seafloor he has plenty of stories from the heyday and prime of the development of the shelf.

He continued his career as divemaster before progressing to take responsibility as Project Manager for wide range of offshore development projects, and heavy replacement and repair projects. Wigulf holds a a degree as «Diplomøkonom BI» and later a Master from Norwegian School of Management BI.

Until recently Wigulf has held the position as Project Director with Equinor (previously Statoil). On his spare time he still seeks the thrills of diving, as well as being an active skydiver. Welcome, Wigulf. Full steam ahead!


Chief Commercial Officer, Yxney Maritime

We are proud and exited to announce that Sindre Stemshaug Bornstein is joining the team in Yxney Maritime as Chief Commercial Officer.

Sindre holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Norwegian Business School, BI. He has recently worked as a Norwegian diplomat in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, California, promoting Norwegian business interests, and in Guatemala/Central America working on issues such as human rights and bilateral relations. His experience from international relations also include one year at the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office.

In his earlier career, Sindre worked as a Senior Commercial Analyst with Statoil (now Equinor) on international transactions. He started his career in Hydro as an analyst and business developer on assets and transactions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Sindre has a creative mindset and a drive for developing new opportunities. He has a strategic approach and a passion for innovation and sustainability.

The 1st of August Sindre will start as the Chief Commercial Officer in Yxney Maritime! With Sindre on the team Yxney Maritime will strengthen our efforts to increase efficiency in the maritime enterprise to reach sustainability. 



SolstadFarstad and Yxney Maritime join forces to further develop SolstadFarstad Green Operations®

SolstadFarstad and Yxney Maritime AS have completed a pilot project to develop and roll out the Yxney fuel efficiency and emission reduction software MarESS. During the pilot, the combination of MarESS and skilled crews generated significant fuel savings for SolstadFarstad and their clients, leading to the contract for implementation for the entire fleet.

“SolstadFarstad’s work with the SolstadFarstad Green Operations campaign is taken to the next level with MarESS,” says Tor Inge Dale, COO in SolstadFarstad. “It provides cost savings for us and our customers, but it also reduces emissions, helping us contribute to reaching UN sustainable development goals 12 and 13, Responsible Production and Consumption, and Climate Action.”

Svein Erik.JPG

The merger of Solstad Offshore, Farstad Shipping, Deep Sea Supply and REM Offshore created the world’s biggest owner of advanced vessels in the supply, anchor handling, construction and renewable segments, with 147 vessels in total. The size of the fleet allows SolstadFarstad and Yxney to leverage large amounts of data through targeted analytics, identify the best performers across the fleet, and transfer their practice to other ships.   

Yxney CEO Gjord Simen Sanna believes that SolstadFarstad’s vast fleet management experience and knowledge was invaluable in the pilot: “They had specific requirements and provided detailed feedback. Having access to their expertise has helped make MarESS a better product.” Sanna also believes the hands-on history of Yxney’s founders gives them unique insight into fuel consumption and savings: “We have worked offshore on more than 100 vessels, so we can recommend targeted fuel saving measures related to vessel positioning when MarESS identifies efficiency gaps.” Sanna adds that the SolstadFarstad contract is an important step for Yxney toward reaching their goal of facilitating a sustainable maritime enterprise by increasing energy efficiency.

Svein Erik Isaksen, Environmental engineer in SolstadFarstad, looks forward to sharing the new tool with clients: “With MarESS, our clients can login, track each vessel working under their contract and monitor their fuel consumption. They can also communicate with us and the vessel through the system. This helps to keep the dialog focused on tangible factors and measures for improvement, with everyone striving to meet the same goals,” he concludes.

Innovation Norway financed the MarESS pilot. SolstadFarstad and Yxney also perform projects to increase energy efficiency in the fleet with support from Enova, with potential for direct savings pegged at between 8.7 and 11.4 per cent.

After last year’s merger, SolstadFarstad operates out of Skudeneshavn, Norway, with branch offices in Ålesund, Fosnavåg, Grimstad, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Ukraine.

For more information, please contact:

 Gjord Simen Sanna, CEO, Yxney Maritime AS
 +47 416 86 733


Svein Erik Isaksen Environmental Engineer


Skjermbilde 2017-10-23 13.53.31.png

Mr. Jan Richard Finne is the Chairman of the board in Yxney Maritime. Jan Richards extensive backround with offshore vessels and buliding businesses will be a compass in Yxney Maritime.


Yxney Maritime has been granted "Kommersialiseringstilskudd" from IN. We are happy to continue the cooperation with Innovation Norway. The project we are developing is "Data driven efficiency in offshore fleets" together with one of the worlds largest advanced offshore ship owners.


Yxney Maritime has completed a project in cooperation with Enova and one of the worlds largest advanced offshore shipowners. The project unleashes the potential to save 5887 tons of CO2.

Enova logo.png


Today we delivered MarESS to its first users. The Maritime Efficiency Supervisory Software is a platform which will assist companies in the maritime industry to bridge energy efficiency gaps.


Yxney Maritime has finished the market evaluation project with the grant received from Innovation Norway. We look forward to continue our cooperation with Innovation Norway in building Yxney Maritime.



We welcome Kurt Ødegård onboard the Yxney team as our CFO.

Kurt is seasoned in economics. He has worked several years as an accountant for RSM. After RSM Kurt had the position as CFO for a group of companies in renewable energy. Now Kurt is a Business Consultant and Auditor at Sirkel Revisjon and one of his assignments is CFO for Yxney Maritime. Kurt is a great guy whom is always spreading a positive energy. We look forward to working together with Kurt when we build Yxney Maritime further to save cost and emissions for ships.


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Yxney made its first contribution to tackling climate change by saving 2,5 tons of CO2 from being released to the atmosphere. We were able to achieve the saving by advising a Offshore Construction Vessel on energy efficient operations before the offshore campaign. 2,5 tonns is not much in a global perspective, but for us it is a first of many. The saved CO2 also produced a cost saving for the vessels client.

Win Win!


Even though we have a long way to go before we reach our goals, we have reached a mile stone: We have successfully delivered our services to our first customer: Autorient AS. We are excited to work with the experienced professionals of Autorient. Yxney Maritime delivered the finished product on time and with excellent feedback.


Yxney Maritime's main office is relocated to Rådhusgata 25, in the Oslo city centre. We are proud to work in the professional environment and historic building of Norwegian Shipowners' Association from now on.


We have installed our first Yxney Maritime AIS station in cooperation with FleetMon. The AIS station is located in Son along the Oslofjord, improving AIS coverage for the shiptraffic in the Oslofjord.


Yxney Maritime has received a grant from Innovation Norway. 


We welcome Eivind Eide to our team as Positioning Advisor. Eivind has over ten years experience with vessel positioning and offshore operations from PSV and ROV/IMR vessels.


Yxney Maritime AS was founded today. The purpose of Yxney Maritime is to tackle climate change by improving offshore vessel fuel efficiency. We believe the biggest contribution we can make to reduce GHG emissions is to utilize our knowledge in vessel positioning to increase energy efficiency offshore. In addition to reducing the environmental footprint for offshore vessels, our efficiency services we will provide cost savings for vessel owners, charterers, and energy companies.