Head of Operations, Yxney Maritime

We´re proud and excited to welcome Wigulf Schjøll to the growing Yxney team as Head of Operations. Wigulf brings a rich and highly relevant experience that will strengthen the efforts we´re doing on clients contact and business development.

He started his career in the armed forces, training for the elite force before quickly being asked to take part as a diver in the emerging Oil&Gas exploration adventure on the Continental Shelf in the 70´s. Having completed very deep and exploratory dives laying pipelines (incl. tie-ins), and installing equipment on the seafloor he has plenty of stories from the heyday and prime of the development of the shelf.

He continued his career as divemaster before progressing to take responsibility as Project Manager for wide range of offshore development projects, and heavy replacement and repair projects. Wigulf holds a a degree as «Diplomøkonom BI» and later a Master from Norwegian School of Management BI.

Until recently Wigulf has held the position as Project Director with Equinor (previously Statoil). On his spare time he still seeks the thrills of diving, as well as being an active skydiver. Welcome, Wigulf. Full steam ahead!

Wigulf in his younger years as a diver

Wigulf in his younger years as a diver