Yxney writes contract with three shipowners

Siem Offshore, Olympic Subsea and North Sea Shipping are the latest to sign on for energy efficiency services and software from Yxney, joining offshore giant Solstad in the growing Yxney portfolio.

“We´re excited to start working with these three world class companies in the offshore sector, and to be a partner in their move to data-driven fuel efficiency,” says Yxney Maritime CEO, Gjord Simen Sanna.

The three newest Yxney clients have in common their dedication to operate their ships as efficiently as possible. To help them reach this goal, Yxney Maritime will provide their proprietary energy efficiency visualization software Maress.

Maress is a cloud-based software that combines existing data streams from vessels with AIS and other available data sources, and presents the user with actionable information and an overview of the performance of the entire fleet, as well as for individual vessels. The software creates a historic baseline for each vessel in all operational modes, allowing the daily performance of each vessel to be compared against the baseline and adjusted for the actual operational pattern, in order to identify deviances and sub-optimal operations.

“Maress allows ship owners to work closely with clients to reduce fuel and emissions,” Yxney chief commercial officer Sindre Bornstein notes. “The full energy efficiency potential becomes visible when Maress is used to monitor fleet performance. The ability to visualize efforts with hard data is a motivational factor for everyone involved – crews, on-shore personnel, and not least clients.”

The addition of the latest three shipowners brings the total of ships using the Yxney software package Maress to more than 150, including a mix of PSV, AHTS and CSV vessels. Notable among the newcomer ships are the North Sea Giant, Olympic Challenger, and Siem Pride.

“We have followed the market and vessels in the North Sea for years, and we are pleased to be a part of the ongoing digital shift to enhanced energy efficiency,” Sanna concludes. “Our clients already operate some of the most efficient vessels on the water, and we look forward to helping them achieve even greater fuel efficiency.”

Siem Offshore is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway, and has a global network of offices. They operate a technically advanced fleet of 40 vessels, including Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, PSVs, Well-Intervention Vessels, and Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels designed to meet the most challenging environments. siemoffshore.com

Olympic Subsea has its headquarters in Fosnavåg, Norway, and operates a fleet of 11 technically advanced and flexible vessels operating within the subsea and renewable segments. Olympic Subsea is an active contributor in the world-class maritime cluster on the north west coast of Norway, stimulating the latest innovation in blue energy. olympic.no

North Sea Shipping is located in Austevoll, Norway, and provides advanced vessels and management services to the O&G and Energy industry. The North Sea Shipping fleet consists of highly advanced vessels for offshore construction, IMR, seismic, and cable laying. With the transformation of the vessel behemoth North Sea Giant to battery power, they have grabbed headlines as a leader in environmental innovation in the offshore sector. northsea.no