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Yxney Maritime develops the Maress software and executes data analytics projects for reducing fuel consumption and emission footprints. The Maress software is a digital management toolkit for energy efficiency offshore. A unique baseline based on historic performance is calculated for every activity for every vessel. With an up to date and real-time overview of the performance of each vessel -and the total fleet- Maress is a unique tool for fleet energy management.

Maress combines available data from the offshore vessels with other relevant data sets to provide insight on how to reduce fuel and emissions. It is also easy to analyze the effect of individual energy saving initiatives, or whole programs. Our clients tell us that they appreciate how Maress supports efforts in building a company culture and identity focusing on efficient and climate robust operations.

We believe everyone involved with the operation of an offshore vessel has aligned interests in reducing fuel consumption and emissions to air - the ship owner, the crew, contractors, and end client. Transparency is therefore a key ingredient in the functionality of Maress. By seamlessly providing the right information to all relevant decision makers involved in operations the energy efficiency improves. Maress is the tool that brings transparency and clarity to the dialogue on energy usage and emissions from operations.

The system is cloud based and there is no hardware installation necessary - either on the vessel or in the office. Using existing data from the vessels´ IAS or ship management system is an effective way of reusing data to create value, and not least saving the crew from extra work.

Reducing fuel and energy consumption has an environmental-, monetary-, and not least a strategic effect. We provide real business value through functionality & insight

Features with Maress

  • Fleet efficiency

  • Unique vessel and fleet baselines

  • Battery effect visualization

  • Monthly and yearly reports

  • Compare crew and other vessels

  • Digital SEEMP integration

  • Fuel prediction

  • Easy extraction of KPIs and reports


  • Provides recognizeable documentation on energy and emissions in tendering processes

  • Flexibility to integrate with available data sources such as IAS and ship management system

  • Monthly fee. No CAPEX or hardware installation

  • Cloud-based. No extra strain on bandwith from vessel to shore

  • Can quickly be rolled out on whole fleets

  • Get value from your existing data

  • Baseline development for all modes for all vessels

  • Transparency between charterer, ship owner and crew


Business value through functionality and insight


Energy efficiency projects

Improve your energy management

Yxney Maritime can also be your partner to identify efficiency gaps. We provide consultancy services for operators, managers and ship owners. A typical energy efficiency project with Yxney Maritime could be:

  • Mapping of current energy performance situation

  • Construct and roll out an energy efficiency campaign in your company

  • Construct and tailor fleet KPIs

  • Develop baselines

  • Optimize performance

  • ISO 50001 gap analysis

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