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MarESS is a cloud based database which gathers existing data from vessels, and combines it with other sources like AIS and weather-routing info, to give ship managers the information they need to perform fuel saving initiatives. There is no hardware, installation, or additional registrations required by MarESS. Efficiency is embedded in the backbone of MarESS so the user is presented the decision-making information fast, and it requires little band-width - so it can be used easily with any offshore internet-connection.

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Fuel efficiency projects

Yxney Maritime analyses vessel operations, to identify efficiency gaps. Once the gap is identified we develop fuel saving initiatives that optimise the operation without the requirement of any new hardware. Reducing emissions in offshore operations makes a real contribution to tackling climate change. Innovation Norway and Enova know this and contribute to such projects with funding.

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Fuel consumption patterns

Yxney Maritime assist offshore ship owners in tenders to visualize the vessels fuel consumption patterns with potential optimization.